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Knowledge IS Power but knowledge about SEO is PROFIT.

In the 21st Century smart business owners who are clued-in to the fundamentals of marketing online will have a steep advantage.

“Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world.”- Mandela

Most business owners aren’t alone in their ignorance of search engine optimization, traffic and lead generation and conversion. So are 95% of the people who create their websites for them!  Why don’t most website designers know about these things?  Here’s an analogy to explain how I figure it- the folks who make cars don’t sell cars and the folks who sell cars don’t make cars.  Making a website, making it look good and function as it should is challenge enough for people.  “Marketing” is another discipline, another class altogether.

Fortunately for you who wish to educate yourself in matters of SEO, there’s material out here on the web to find, read and learn.  And you just found a little piece of the puzzle right here.

Right now, as we enter 2014, there’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the weaknesses which largely exist in SEO in whatever industry or category you’re trying to be discovered in.  You don’t need to become a search engine optimization expert to make great progress in getting your business discovered online.

There are just a handful of fundamentals you can learn and employ to make the magic work for you.  And because most websites haven’t been built well for SEO, and because so few will take the initiative to educate themselves, now’s the time to get the competitive edge.

Don’t think just because the next generation of business owner was born with a keyboard in his hands he’s any smarter about marketing than his grandfather.

Here’s what I’M doing to help business owners get a handle on search engine optimization:

  1. We talk on the phone about the current state of your website and its performance and search ranking.
  2. I look at the website and your competitions’ website.
  3. I look at your online presence OUTSIDE of your website (if applicable).

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Then I determine if and how I can help you.  I will then give you a price for a consultation which will include:

search engine optimization, SEO, consultation
You can’t rely on GEEKS to help you with marketing online. You need to be educated. My consultation teaches you the fundamantal principles of effectively marketing your business online. then you can take over and do it yourself!
  1. Changes to make to your website and teaching you how to do it.
  2. Content to add to your website and teaching you how to do it.
  3. Where and how to take action by expanding your online footprint to make your business and your website more visible.
  4. Ideas on how to drive visitor traffic to your website both cheaply and for free.

The consultation is delivered in both writing AND video so you can return to it any time you want to refresh yourself.

What you will learn in this consultation will make you more of an SEO expert than 95% of other website professionals.

After you execute the plan and start getting results for yourself, you will actually be able to help other people you know in business-even charge them a fee for it.  This is indeed very powerful information which could change your business and your life.  I know…it happened for me!

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